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The TPS Development Fund is managed by the Trustees to provide for the advancement of the education of the pupils of The Petersfield School by the provision of facilities not normally provided by the Education Authority.

The Development Fund is our only way of fundraising directly from parents, and this helps us to provide the students with the best equipment, resources and opportunities. Please support us and make a contribution. Our most crucial contribution to TPS was the donation of £30,000 for Specialist Status which helped the school to complete the Studio@TPS. We have also contributed the following:
Equipment for the D&T Bicycle Club.
Supplies to build a shed for horticulture.
Greenpower Team.
Radio Station.
Lockers for pupils.
LCD display screen for MFL.
Sculpture Park.
Waste bins for school site.
Benches for Year 7 area.
Benches and external canopy outside of the Dining Hall.
Plus much more.......

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