Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions to give you more information to help you on your givingabit journey.

Q. Sounds too good to be true, how does it work?

A. If you click through to any of our retailer partners from & go on to make a purchase, they pay us a commission. We pass on the advertised rates in the form of a donation to the charity you are linked to. During this whole process, you have a unique ID which is tracked so we are able to identify which charity to pay.

Q. Why would they do this?

A. It is a common part of the retailers marketing strategy & it is cost effective for them too, as they only make the payments to us once you have made a purchase from them. givingabit works in the same principle as comparison sites or cash back sites.

Q. Do you know what we have purchased?

A. No. Nor do we know any of your financial details. We receive information on the total amount spent, and the amount of commission that has generated.

Q. Do you share details with third parties?

A. No. When you register with givingabit, your details are held on secure servers and they are never passed on to anyone else. Likewise, the retailers we work with, do not pass on any personal details to us.

Q. How do I register?
A. Click on Register & we will ask for your name, email address, username & password. That's it. You then join a charity or community. Every time you shop, you will create a donation as long as you visit the retailers from
Q. Do I join a charity or community?
A. Up to you! Either way a charity will directly benefit. The only difference is that a community has been set up for a group of people to be able to keep a track of how much they have all raised. e.g.. a business, a group of friends, class mates, families etc. For example, you could choose to support Cancer Research UK & link directly to the charity. Or, you could join (or set up your own) community that supports Cancer Research UK. e.g. Eurofilms Ltd supporting Cancer Research UK.
Q. What can I buy to create a donation?
A. givingabit work with hundreds of shops from Amazon to Zavvi. You can buy anything from groceries to holidays, clothes to computers, insurance to theatre tickets for you or your business. You still buy directly from them, just visit them from
Q. How can I set up my charity, school or other good cause to directly benefit?
A. Once you have Registered, as an individual, you will be able to set up your charity, school, team, club or other good cause from your dashboard. You can upload information about your charity, your charity number, your logo & your website. If you are a registered UK Charity, we pay all our donations via Charities Aid Foundation (we pay all the bank charges). If you are a UK good cause, but not a registered UK Charity we will ask for your sort code and account details so we can pay you directly. You can use the 'Spread the Word & ‘Invite your Friends’ tools to send out invites to your contacts & supporters to join you. You can also encourage businesses to set up their own community to support you.
Q. What is a community & how can I set one up?
A. A community is a group who want to raise money for the same charity, and be able to see how much they have all raised. This could be a business, a family, a department, an office, neighbours, team mates, class mates or any other group of people you can think of! Once you have Registered as an individual, you will be able to set up your community from your dashboard. You will become owner of your community. You can upload information about your community, your logo, website and link your community to a charity, school or good cause of your choice.You will also be able to use the ‘invite’ function to send out invites to your contacts to ask them to join your community. You can see the total amount raised by members of your community. Perfect as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility programme.
Q. Can I set up a community for friends & family?
A. Absolutely! (see Q&A above).
Q. How much does my good cause receive? 
A. All retailers have different amounts they will pay – next to each retailer on is displayed an amount, either % or £. If you buy something from John Lewis to the value of £100 and the advertised rate is 1.5%, then your good cause would receive £1.50 donation from givingabit at no extra cost to you. i.e.. you would still buy the items from John Lewis & it would cost you £100.
Some retailers have a flat amount they will pay, some retailers have an ‘up to’ amount. This can depend on which items from their product range you have purchased, whether you are a new customer or repeat customer, or whether you have used voucher or discount codes. For some purchases, the retailer will exclude VAT from the basket value, and most exclude any delivery costs. So in some instances the amount you see on your dashboard may exclude VAT from the retailer. New insurance policies or new contracts create a donation, some renewed policies do not create a donation. Most gift vouchers do not qualify for donations. givingabit will always strive to ensure you have all the information upfront in the 'Conditions' box next to each retailer.
Q. When does my good cause receive their donations?
A. Most retailers confirm payments the same day you purchase, some take longer – up to 60 days in some instances. On your dashboard you may see your payment as ‘pending’ this is to ensure the transaction has been completed or there are no cancellations or returns. Once the status has gone to 'Confirmed' then this means the retailer has confirmed a payment, and we will pass this to your charity'. If you have made a transaction and you do not see an amount after 30 days, we recommend you let us know so that our customer services team can follow up. All payments to registered charities are done on a monthly basis over secure banking servers via Charities Aid Foundation. If you are not a registered charity, then payments are made directly by givingabit Ltd over secure Lloyds TSB banking servers. Once the donation has been confirmed and received by givingabit, the charity will be paid in the next monthly payment run. If more than one community are raising money for the same cause, all these monies are added up. It also helps us keep transactional costs down – as we do not take any cost of transaction from the donation.
Q. How will my good cause be paid?
A. If you are a registered charity, all payments will be made from Charities Aid Foundation, on your statement you will see 'Love'. If you are not a registered charity, payments will be made via internet transfer over secure Lloyds TSB banking servers. We believe this is the most secure and efficient way to pay. Any banking information you submit, is held on secure banking servers. We will pay your charity or good cause monthly, as we believe it is better off in your account. We also don't think it's fair that you should pay for our banking charges - so you won't! All we ask is that a minimum of £5 donation has been reached.
Q. Is givingabit a charity?
A. No. givingabit is operated by Givingabit Limited. Registered number 7486009. Our business model is built to ensure we have low overheads. We receive additional payments from the retailers for directing traffic to their sites, over and above the amount advertised on Being a business ensures the entire givingabit team works hard to ensure you get the best customer experience, the best retailers, and the best discounts available. The givingabit team are passionate about customer experience, givingabit back to society, and making givingabit a real success for our customers, charities, retailers and of course everyone here at givingabit! 
Q. I have purchased something from a retailer via -  my donation has not been confirmed?
A. In order for all transactions to register and enable retailers to make the payments, we need to be able to track your journey from givingabit to the retailer, and once a purchase has been made, confirmation back to givingabit from the retailer. To ensure this is trackable, you should ensure that your computer settings, such as security and browser, are allowing cookies as so not to block the track. Also, to clarify, givingabit will only get information on which retailer you visited, cost of your purchase, and the amount generated form the retailer – we will not know what you have purchased. If you cannot see some of the links on this may also be because of your computer settings.
Also, please ensure that you have signed in to, joined your chosen charity or community, and visited the retailer directly from our site, otherwise we will not be able to track your journey. Please ensure you only use voucher codes found on our site as this may invalidate your transaction. If your donation has still not registered, please contact us at giving us as much information as you can.
Q. I have a problem with an item I have purchased, what shall I do?
A. Everything you purchase is directly from the retailer, and so you must contact them directly. This includes returning goods. If your purchase from a retailer results in a return, your donation will not count, this will be shown on your dashboard. 'givingabit' constantly ensure that our customers feel they are getting a good service, and so we want to ensure we only partner with the best retailers. If we receive constant negative feedback from a particular retailer, we will review our relationship with them.
Q. Can I support two charities or join communities?
A. Yes. You can choose to support as many charities, or join as many different communities as you like. Every purchase you make will create a donation, and you can decide which community, and therefore which good cause benefits. You will see which communities you are part of on your dashboard.
Q. I already have a business account with some of the retailers on your site – what shall I do?
A. Our retailers inform us that you can still benefit from ‘givingabit’ with your existing account. If you experience that this is not the case – please contact us. Some retailers offer a lower payment amount for existing customers, we will strive to ensure that this information is in the 'Conditions' box next to each retailer.
Q. What happens if I do not register, or sign in, but go onto purchase via a retailer on your site?
A. Your transaction will still create a donation, however as it is not trackable back to a member, it will go into the givingabit community, which will be donating money to good causes voted by our members, and rotated regularly.
Q. My charity or good cause has not registered – what can I do?
A. Please send them this link so that they can register for free and create their charitable community. You do not have to be a registered charity to benefit from the givingabit service, any UK group or individual, from schools, community projects, sports clubs, village halls, cubs, scouts, guides can all build their good cause community, and encourage others to link in with them. As with all communities that register, givingabit do reserve the right to exclude them if they are deemed inappropriate or misleading.
Q. My business has not registered a community?
A. Anyone can register a community within a business, but the right person in the organisation should register so they can act as administrator for their dashboard. Please send them this link As with all communities that register givingabit do reserve the right to exclude them if they are deemed inappropriate or misleading.
Q. Can my business have two communities?
A. Absolutely, for example each department within an organisation could have a community, and they could still be all raising money for the same charity. You can have some friendly competition to see who can create the most donations.
Q. How can I change the owner of our charity / community?
A. Please email us with the change in details, and once confirmed - we can update -
Q. Can I provide feedback to givingabit for future enhancements?
A. Yes please. We're always looking to ensure that the service you receive is as you would like. We're always looking for suggestions to enhance the website, what retailers you would like to see partnering with us, information about your charity events, your business events and insight, your ideas for new givingabit characters, upload photos of your charitable activities, or just how you are feeling today. The best way is to get involved with our givingabit blog, or via twitter, facebook & linkedin.