givingabit in action

Meet the givingabit characters, all shopping online for business or pleasure, raising money for their chosen charity at no extra cost to them!

Meet Jane

Jane runs an estate-agency and employs ten people. They are always involved in community activities to raise their profile, and also help supporting the local school. Jane registers on givingabit, chooses the local school as their chosen cause and sets up her business community. Jane then invites all of her employees to join her givingabit community using the invite a friend function on givingabit. As a business they have purchased stationery, office equipment, mobile phones and parcel delivery services. For pleasure, the members of her community have bought clothes, CDs, flowers and groceries – all from the givingabit partner retailers. 



Meet Jeff

Jeff works in the marketing department of a legal firm that employs 200 people. Jeff knows that their firm already has a charity strategy in place that helps raise money for a local hospice – givingabit is a perfect complement.  Jeff registers on givingabit, and sets up his business community – a description of what the business does, their logo and website details, and why they are supporting the local hospice.  He then invites all his colleagues to join using the email template provided. He speaks with the procurement department, and they agree to buy their stationery from one of the partner retailers on givingabit. They now have 80 members in their givingabit community, knowing whether they shop online from work or home, every purchase they make via givingabit partner retailers raises money for their local hospice.


Meet Sofie

Sofie is a freelance copywriter, and is mainly based at home. She has a very busy lifestyle. Sofie registers with givingabit as she had understood that she could raise money for charity just through buying everyday items for business or pleasure. She wasn’t sure which charity or cause to donate to, so opted to join the givingabit community as she knows that anything she raises will go to a variety of good causes  – as nominated by the community members. She regularly purchases items online, and she currently needs to buy a new mobile. Sofie finds the phone she wants on givingabit, and also a voucher discount code to save her money. Through her mobile phone purchase alone, Sofie has raised £25, at no extra cost to her. She is now looking to upgrade her broadband - she heads for givingabit.


Meet John

John runs a computer consultancy, and regular purchases items on behalf of clients, including computer hardware and software. John has two children who are members of the local Scout group. He registers with givingabit and sets up his community – he invites his friends and family through givingabit. John has purchased many computer items from the partner retailers on givingabit, and has raised a staggering £120 for the local Scout Group.  His fellow members have also raised £90 through purchasing groceries, holidays, and travel items. That is a total of £210 from Johns community.




Meet Bianca

Bianca runs a large retailer and is also a partner retailer on givingabit. The retailer has many outlets, as well as a large on-line presence. They have a charity of the year in place and to compliment this strategy, Bianca decides to set up a community on givingabit, and invites her staff to join.  There over 1,500 members of staff, and some have raised 50p and some have raised over £50 just by shopping with the givingabit retail partners. All the amounts add up to a fantastic total, and as Bianca's community can see the total of all amounts raised, she is able to see how well givingabit is performing as part of their overall charity strategy.



Meet Ben

Ben works in a recruitment company that employs 50 people. They are looking for a way to raise money for a local charity. Ben is aware of givingabit, so discusses the opportunity with the company owner. They sign up to givingabit and invite their colleagues. As a company they often travel to see clients, stay overnight, and arrange sales incentive trips and prizes. They now make all these purchases through the partner retailers on givingabit, and have raised £210 for their charity. They also get some fantastic coverage in the local press for their efforts.



Meet Graham

Graham owns a manufacturing company and employs 80 people. In a recent meeting, his office manager tells him about givingabit, and how their company could raise money for a local charity. Graham sends an email to all his staff, to give them the opportunity to vote for the charity their company will support. They choose to raise funds for the local youth club. They sign up and set up their community on givingabit, inviting all of the employees to join. Their company sends out a lot of parcels each week, and decide to use a parcel delivery service on givingabit. They also buy their stationery and train tickets, as well as many items for pleasure including clothes, toys and games, and items for the home and garden – all from the partner retailers on givingabit. They have raised £295, and many of the members have saved money on their purchases by using the voucher codes found on givingabit.


Meet Jimmy

Jimmy is a landlord of a pub, and they are keen to raise extra funds for the local lifeboat. He registers on givingabit, and sets up his community. Jimmy invites his staff and his regulars to join his community, who are also keen to support the lifeboat. Jimmy is able to buy equipment for his pub, and also day to day items online from the givingabit retail partners, as he rarely has time to get to the shops! His community have purchased a range of items from books to DIY equipment. His community raises £50 in the first month – all at no extra cost. Jimmy has seen that a new givingabit retail partner has come on board, and now he is going to order some food supplies to compliment his new menu.




Meet Michelle

Michelle runs a division of a national charity, and is always looking at new ways to raise funds, and get their supporters involved. Michelle registers on givingabit, and sets up her charity. She invites her colleagues and supporters of the charity to join. Michelle also communicates the benefits of givingabit to their individual & business supporters, who can set up their own communities and link to her charity. Her charity has received £200 in 3 months – through everyday business and pleasure purchases with the givingabit retailer partners.




Meet Cate's

Cate is a head teacher at a primary school, and is always looking for ways to raise funds to improve the equipment for the children.  Cate registers on givingabit and sets up her school community. She invites colleagues, parents, and friends of the school to join her community. The supporters of the school are buying things for business and pleasure from the partner retailers on givingabit. Some purchases were raising small amounts, some larger amounts, but Cate knew it was all adding up to a fantastic overall community effort.



Meet Wayne

Wayne and his family are keen to do their bit for charity, and always give when they can afford to. They are always looking for a good deal, and make many purchases on-line to save time and money. Wayne registers on givingabit, sets up a family community supporting the local children's hospital. He invites his friends and family from his Facebook contacts. Soon, they are buying birthday presents, clothes, groceries and many other day to day purchases from the retailer partners on givingabit, using the many voucher codes to get discounts. They feel great about supporting their charity, knowing how much their community has raised - all at no extra cost - in fact they have actually saved money through some of the discounts they have received.


If we're all givingabit, everyone wins..............