Posters, banners & links to help you spread the word!

Below you'll find a selection of banners and flyers to use on your site & posters to put up to help spread the givingabit word. You can also use the 'Invite your friends' function to email & share across your favourite social media.

It's the ideal way of letting your supporters, friends, family, employees & customers know about the great work you are doing, & encourage more members to join your charitable community. Please remember to link back to, or directly to your community page.
If you need any specific artwork producing then please get in touch, we'd love to help out. Just email with your ideas!

Posters and flyers for the office and home:

givingabit A4leaflet with one box (pdf): givingabit A4leaflet with two boxes (pdf):
 givingabit A5leaflet with one box (pdf):  givingabit A5leaflet with two boxes (pdf):

Downloads and banners for your website:

givingabit leaderboard 728x90px:
givingabit leaderboard 728x90px

givingabit rotating banner 728x90px:

givingabit rotating banner 728x90px

givingabit banner 468x60px:

givingabit banner 468x60px

givingabit medium rectangle 300x250px:

givingabit medium rectangle 300x250px

givingabit square 250x250px:

givingabit square 250x250px

givingabit logo black 270x75px:

givingabit logo black 270x75px

givingabit logo white 270x75px:

givingabit logo white 270x75px

givingabit skyscraper 120x600px:

givingabit skyscraper 120x600px

givingabit icon 48x48px:

givingabit icon 48x48px